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how to finish a space that has been forgotten

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how to finish a space that has been forgotten

5 Classy Western Elements To Consider For Your Wedding Decor

by Kelly Welch

Your wedding celebration should represent you and your interests. It is, after all, your special day! If you find yourself drawn to western styles in clothing or home decor, you may want to also consider incorporating them into your wedding. Though some people choose to go all-out with a western theme, complete with wagon rides, hay bales, and square dancing, others prefer to maintain a more traditional, elegant wedding while bringing western elements into the decor (similar to the subtle way you might choose to decorate a kitchen or living room). Here are five classy ways to add a unique western flair to your wedding.

Dried Flowers

If cacti are a bit too intensely western for your taste, consider using dried flowers to dress up tables. The most western option would be wildflowers, but if that isn't possible or doesn't fit with your design plan, most any type of flower has a vintage, rustic look once dried. Consider pairing your choice of flower with branches, wheat, or even tumbleweed to complete beautiful bouquets. 


Few materials are as inherently western as wood. At the same time, wood is very versatile, and can range from smooth and elegant to rough and rustic. You may want to use clearly western objects in your decor, such as barrels and wagon wheels, or use wood more subtly, as in picture frames or painted signs. For a simple look, you can even bring in some wooden pallets to hang photographs or use as a backdrop. 

Glass Jars

Glass jars and bottles are not only an inexpensive alternative to other dishes or decorations, they bring a very classic element to your western theme. Consider using glass jars to hold flowers, candles, or drinks for your guests.


For an evening wedding or reception, few decorative elements do more for the atmosphere of the event than light sources. Though you may not want to rely on lanterns for your primary source of lighting, they are a very popular addition to wedding decor. Paper lanterns may be typical, but metal railroad or mining lanterns are a fitting, romantically western alternative. You may want to use these vintage-style lanterns to line a pathway, sit in the center of the tables, or hang from the ceiling (perhaps at varying heights to keep things interesting). 

Rope, Twine, and Burlap

Even the smallest details will add a lot to the look and feel of your wedding celebration. Rope, twine, and burlap may not seem like typical wedding decor, but when used sparingly and appropriately, they can bring an interesting texture and color to your decor that fully fits with your western theme. Consider using these materials in places where other weddings might display ribbon or lace. For example, you might use burlap instead of doilies under centerpieces or opt for twine to make bows around chairs or ties around napkins and bouquets. You might even incorporate rope, twine, or burlap into your cake decor!

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