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how to finish a space that has been forgotten

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how to finish a space that has been forgotten

Using Feng Shui For Interior Design When Your Housemates Aren't On Board

by Kelly Welch

Feng shui allows you to create a more harmonious life that presents more opportunities, but not everyone may be on board with the process. It is increasingly common to live with other people, be they family, friends, or a motley crew of housemates thrown together via housing ads. That increases the chances of conflict over living spaces, so having serious discussions with potential housemates is so important.

One issue that often comes up for people who like to use feng shui is how the housemates react to it. Some don't care as long as whatever is happening doesn't interfere with how they use their own space, while others may actively move items around into less-than-optimal positions. Here's how to handle the situation if you want to decorate according to feng shui principles but you're going to be unable to use feng shui throughout your whole house.

Control Your Own Space

First and foremost, concentrate on your own space. Your bedroom and your bathroom, if both are private, are spaces you can arrange to your heart's content. Pay attention to bed position and what's on the other side of the wall that your bed is against.

Sometimes you can't totally control that, but the good thing with feng shui is how many ways there are to "cure" problems. For example, if the only places you can put your bed have the head against a wall shared with a bathroom, or right next to the door of the room, you'll just have to create extra cushioning against noises.

Look at the Practical Side

Feng shui has a very practical side, especially when it comes to clutter and home repairs. That clutter, along with anything that is broken, creates negative, stuck energy, so you want to keep things clean and fix what's not working.

When you set up house rules with your housemates, make sure there are clear rules about clutter and mess in common areas. You can't do much about your housemate's messy room, but you can all make sure that the living room and kitchen are cleaned regularly. You can keep the yards looking good and tell the landlord about repairs in a timely manner.

You don't have to mention feng shui because cleanliness is a basic housing quality issue. But when the house is at a level of cleanliness that you're comfortable with, you'll have that added bonus of creating more good feng shui.

Learn to Let Go

Attitude is a big player in feng shui. You might not like that your housemate keeps leaving the toilet lid up (the toilet is where waste runs out of the house, and it can represent money and luck running out, too, hence keeping the lid closed), but you can lower it yourself and just let the rest go. Don't get upset about it because that's not going to help you.

One more way to work feng shui into your home is to hire an interior designer who is familiar with feng shui principles but who will discuss the feng shui side only with you. With a professional on board, your housemates are less likely to question your design choices.

For more information on your interior design options, contact an interior designer.