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how to finish a space that has been forgotten

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how to finish a space that has been forgotten

Benefits of Adding an Appliance Garage to Your Kitchen

by Kelly Welch

When you're making a list of the individual projects that you want to have a professional take on during a kitchen remodel, the addition of an appliance garage can be something to consider. An appliance garage is a dedicated space in your kitchen cabinets that can hold some or all of your small appliances, including your coffee maker, juicer, and other similar devices. A kitchen professional who has added appliance garages to several different kitchens over the years can give you some ideas about where this feature should appear and how it should look. Here are some benefits of adding an appliance garage during your kitchen remodel.

Tidier Countertop

Without an appliance garage, you might store several of your small appliances on the countertop. While doing so can make them easy to reach, the problem that you'll face is that the countertop — and even the kitchen as a whole — can look messy. Additionally, the presence of these appliances can significantly reduce the amount of free counter space that you have for cooking. Having an appliance garage that can keep your small appliances out of sight will have an immediate impact on how tidy the area looks and how much available counter space you have.

Easier Access

While there's no doubt that leaving small appliances on your countertop makes them easy to access, not everyone takes this approach because of how it causes clutter. It's common for people to store their small appliances in a kitchen cabinet or drawer. Unfortunately, this cabinet or drawer might not be situated near where you're working, which means that you need to walk across the kitchen to retrieve a small appliance when you need it — and then return it to its home after you're done. Provided that you have your professional build your appliance garage within arm's reach of where you usually stand in the kitchen, you'll have quick, convenient access to these devices.

No Risk of Damage

When you leave small appliances out on your counter, their cords can sometimes dangle below the edge of the countertop. If you have children, a dangling cord can be very enticing to grab and pull. If a child were to pull a small appliance off your countertop, it would almost break upon hitting the floor — and it could cause flooring damage, too. An appliance garage will keep these devices out of reach of your children, thus eliminating the risk of damage. Discuss adding an appliance garage when you plan a kitchen remodel with a kitchen professional.