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how to finish a space that has been forgotten

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how to finish a space that has been forgotten

5 Tips for Decorating Your Home's Balcony

by Kelly Welch

A balcony is a great addition to any home. But its mixed status as both an interior and an exterior space may leave it underappreciated and undecorated. How can you dress up your balcony to be comfortable, appealing, and useful? Here are a few tips to use in any space. 

1. Ensure Privacy

The first thing you may need to do in order to use your balcony regularly is to ensure privacy. Balconies on houses may or may not have privacy issues, but apartments and townhomes often do. Use clever tricks like gauzy draped fabric, bamboo screens, privacy screens, and even potted plants to create your privacy barriers. 

2. Use Wall Space

Many balconies are smaller than owners would like, so you must make full use of all available features. Don't overlook the walls (and even the railings). Hang a small bar shelf on a wall, use it as a base for a vertical garden, or drape a fun piece of fabric on it to create ambiance. 

3. Container Garden

If your balcony is your only private outdoor area, make it your landscape. Container gardening is great for any size balcony. The pots add decorative features and can be a simple way to create the right color palette and mood. Plus, the plants, shrubs, or even dwarf trees will bring the outdoors right to your door. And containers are practical since you can bring them inside during winter. 

4. Blend with Rooms

Extend your home out onto the balcony by extending your decorative style. Continue the color scheme, textures, patterns, and period decor of adjoining rooms — whether public or private spaces. This creates cohesion and unity, but it also helps draw people to the balcony. Give it a separate personality, though, by adding some element that doesn't exist in the interior rooms. 

5. Add Storage

Finally, be practical about the balcony's constant exposure to the elements. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate at least minimal storage into your design. Storage benches and indoor/outdoor ottomans, for instance, provide comfy seating where you can also store cushions, pillows, and blankets when not in use. 

Where to Start

Want help finding the right furnishings, decor, color palette, and storage options for your balcony? Want to improve its usefulness and make it a centerpiece? If so, start by meeting with a residential interior design service in your area such as Stage 7 Design. With their help, your balcony can soon be a favorite space in your home.