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how to finish a space that has been forgotten

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how to finish a space that has been forgotten

Which Finish Is Suitable For Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

by Kelly Welch

One of the best ways to enhance the general appearance of your kitchen space is to get custom kitchen cabinets. Their design and style will affect the appearance and function of the room. Since the cabinet can have various aesthetics depending on the type of finish you choose, you should make an informed choice. 

For example, a gray finish will give the kitchen a modern, sleek appearance, while an all-white will be bright. Natural finishes provide a more classic look. So, how can you pick the most appropriate finish for the custom kitchen cabinet? This post will assist you to learn the basics, so read on. 

Wood Staining

If you'd like to maintain the natural look of the wood cabinets, you should consider staining. This color coat will highlight the wood's grain pattern while giving some color tint. You can still find some stains that augment the wood color too. What most people like about staining is that it is economical but doesn't give low-end results. Besides, it protects the wood and can be combined with other finishes to increase depth.


Property owners who prefer staining their cabinets but still wish to show material details can go for a glaze finish. This is like getting an ink pen to show an illustration's fine details in a bold manner. Glazing is often combined with other techniques, particularly staining and painting. Cabinet manufacturers apply the glaze on all cabinets and rub it off by hand. This uneven application will add depth and amplify the grain pattern and design details.


Another great cabinet finish option is painting. It's preferred by homeowners who would like to give their cabinets a unique and similar appearance. So, painting is the best option if you like having more color in the kitchen. Some color options you can consider for the cabinets include white, gray, yellow, and red. 

Once painted, they'll allow you to personalize the general kitchen space as per your décor needs. But, it is crucial to remember that paint will hide the natural look. For instance, if the cabinets are made of wood, all the imperfections and natural grains will be hidden.

Before painting cabinets, remember paint can cause some problems, like showing chips and dents. It will also rub off on areas that are frequently used. This will force you to repaint the cabinets occasionally to restore their original appearance. Pulls and handles are another way to ensure the paint coating lasts longer.

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